Saturday, March 10, 2012

My First Blog Win!

Last Saturday, I got a package in the mail that I was highly anticipating.  It was the entire China Glaze Magnetix collection, which I had won in a giveaway on Kristina's blog, My Lucid Bubble.

This was my first win off of a blog giveaway.  The only other times I've won polish were both from Zoya.  First, I won the Gems & Jewels Holiday Collection last October through Zoya's twitter contest and then a couple months ago, through Zoya's Facebook, I won a free color of my choice from the Feel Collection.  But this was my first win from a blog, so I was very excited!  I want to give a big "Thank You!" to Kristina for having this giveaway for the entire collection.  I thank you and my wallet thanks you!  I was definitely planning to buy these, so winning them instead helped me save a little cash, especially since I bought a bunch of other polishes this week.  By Thursday, my St. Patty's Plaid design was starting to take a beating, so I took that off and tried out Instant Chemistry, from the Magnetix Collection.

I didn't really have any issues except once or twice I looked away from my nails for too long and I guess my hand moved, so when I looked back the magnet was touching the polish, oops!  But I just quickly put another coat on the nail and started over and it was fine.  It didn't seem to me like holding the magnet over the polish longer made the design look crisper.  But I think it helped to hold the design in place while the polish dried.  So then when I took the magnet away, it seemed like the polish was dry enough so that design didn't settle and get blurry, which is an issue I've read some other people having because of the China Glaze magnet not being as strong as magnets from other brands like Nails Inc. or Icing.  The only other issue I had was the design on my thumb was basically just in the middle of my thumbnail.  Since my thumbnails are wider than the others, the magnet didn't seem strong enough to pull the polish into the design along the sides of the nail.  I tried tilting the magnet back and forth when I did my other thumb, but I got more or less the same results.  I think it will be something I'll have to experiment with some more.  But I really love this color.  I haven't tried the other Magnetix colors yet, but even just looking at the bottles, I think this may be my favorite.

Be sure to check out the new giveaway Kristina is having, this time it's a raffle.  You have to make a donation to get entered into the raffle but the proceeds are going to be donated to food banks, which is a very cool idea, and there are some awesome polishes up for grabs if you win!  I personally have not come across any giveaways like this on blogs before.  I think it's a pretty great idea to hold a blog giveaway that offers up some unique polishes but also will raise money for those in need at the same time.

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