Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lynnderella Order

I've finally got my hands on some Lynnderella polishes, especially Connect the Dots, which is the main one I've been wanting since I first saw them.  I've seen them online for a long time now and considered buying them through Llarowe.  I had bought Hits and Glitter Gal polishes from Llarowe before, but never Lynnderella because they were usually out of stock.  Recently, due to the high demand for them, Llarowe developed a wish list system for ordering Lynnderella.  I was lucky enough to get my invoice during the very beginning of the process and all of the polishes I had put on my wish list were available.  I didn't want to go crazy with my wish list, my main goal was to get Connect the Dots.  I did have a few other polishes that I decided to put on my wish list though.  My order consisted of Chocolotta Love, Snow Angel, Very Pretty Vampire and Connect the Dots.  I ordered one bottle of each, except for Connect the Dots, which I ordered the maximum allowed, two bottles.

I can't wait to wear Connect the Dots!  If it wasn't for the fact that I'm planning some more St. Patrick's Day themed designs, I'd be sporting CTD right now.  I did do some swatches on Saturday though, because I just couldn't resist testing each polish out.  I'll start by apologizing for the quality of the images.  I'm still in the process of deciding on a new camera and while my old camera does have a macro setting, it's not as good as what's available in newer cameras.  The CTD and Snow Angel pics look ok, but my camera does not come close to doing justice to the glitter in Chocolotta Love and Very Pretty Vampire.  But crappy macro pics or not, I still have to share these.  I did each Lynnderella over two different base colors, as labeled in the pictures.

Now I just have to decide what other Lynnderella polishes to pick, once we can start submitting wish lists again!  Visit Llarowe's site at

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  1. Snow Angel and Connect The Dots look amazing. I've never heard of this brand before.



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