Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mini Hauls, Part 2

After my Ulta trip last Saturday, I didn't do any polish shipping for several days.  But this past Monday morning, I woke up to find an email waiting for me from Kristina of My Lucid Bubble, letting me know that I won her China Glaze Magnetix Collection giveaway!  That was such a shock!  I'll be sure to post all about it shortly after I get them, which should actually be sometime today, according to the tracking number Kristina emailed me.

So then Thursday, I needed to run to Target after work to grab a few things.  Target is right next to Sally Beauty Supply.  And well, I decided that since I had just received my new 15% off coupon that same morning...gee, I might as well just pop in after Target to see if there was anything worthwhile.  While at Target though, I spotted the Salon Express.  If you haven't heard/seen of it yet, Colette has a blog post and video about it here.  I've still never actually seen the infomercial on TV, only on YouTube.  But for weeks, I had a bunch of ladies at work asking me if that was what I used, when in actuality I was using Konad and Bundle Monster plates.  I had no idea what they were talking about until Colette put up her post about the Salon Express.  I haven't opened mine yet to see if the scraper is as bad as everyone says but I don't actually care since the only reason I bought it really was for the double ended stamper.  I only have the regular single ended Konad stamper.  You can get the Konad double ended stamper for about $6.99 at most places online but Colette said she actually liked the Salon Express stamper a lot more than her double ended stamper from Konad.  So considering you also get 5 plates, I figured it was worth $9.99 to take a chance on it.

So after Target, I ran into Sally's and they finally had the China Glaze Capital Colours Collection out.  I don't know if it just seems this way to me, but I feel like my Sally's is slow to put out new things compared to what I read online from other bloggers.  Regardless, most of the colors were still on the display.  I immediately reached for Electrify.  Altogether, I bought Stone Cold, Riveting, Electrify and Luxe and Lush.

I believe the other colors they had left on the display were Dress Me Up, Foie Gras, Mahogany Magic and Harvest Moon.  I'm regretting a little bit not grabbing Harvest Moon.  But I know I'll be going back because I definitely want to get Smoke and Ashes, which they did not have out.  I was going to ask if they had more colors in the back but I was kind of in a hurry by this point so I didn't bother.  If I don't end up getting them at Sally's, I'll probably just put an order in online at Head2Toe, 8ty8 Beauty Supply or Victoria Nail Supply.  Besides the Hunger Games polishes, I also bought two more colors from the Orly Cool Romance Spring 2012 Collection, Jealous, Much? and Artificial Sweetener.

I think I'll have to go back for Prelude To A Kiss.  The only other color in the color is Steel Your Heart, but it's just not doing anything for me so I'll probably pass on that one.


  1. My Sally's is as bad as yours, if not worse. I'd been going in looking for the Finger Paints special effects polishes, knowing they were supposed to be available only for a limited time, and even when I asked them, they didn't know anything about them. I finally called on the phone because I didn't want to drive all the way there just to be disappointed again (this was at least the 3rd week of January, if not the 4th), and talked to someone who said they'd just gotten them in, and to come in the next day, and they should have them out. I did, and they weren't out, so I asked one of the ladies, and she went in the back and all they had left was Flashy. What? If they'd just gotten them in, they should have gotten some of all of them, right? Turns out this lady had been getting them for people who asked her about them for a while already, and the main manager had been sitting on them because she thought they weren't supposed to put them out until February. Luckily, this is a big city and I was able to get all of them by driving all over (and mostly to the one farthest from me)... but, by the time they actually put them out on the shelves, they had to put out a sign that said "last chance" with them. I didn't know whether to laugh or scream... the "last chance" was also the first chance!

    1. Wow, that sucks. My Sally's wouldn't put the Finger Paints out until right on January 1st, even though I had heard of other locations letting people buy them earlier. But at least when I went on the 1st, the display was full.



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