Sunday, March 25, 2012

Connect The Dots

Connect the dots, la la la la...connect the dots, la la la la...  Seriously, am I the only one who hears Pee Wee Herman singing that every time they think about Lynnderella's Connect The Dots???  I used to love Pee Wee's Playhouse.  Ok, moving on...ha ha ha.

Friday was my birthday, so I had decided Thursday night that my Spring mani was coming off and I was going to do something new for my b-day.  I considered doing a glitter sandwich using Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday...oh so corny, I know!  But I resisted that urge and decided that I wanted to use Connect The Dots instead.  I had received it about 2 weeks earlier but had yet to use it.  I was completely dying to wear it but hadn't yet due to St. Patrick's Day and also the Spring Stamping contest I entered on Enamel Girl's blog.  I wore CTD over Zoya Lolly.  This is the same pink I used in my swatches of CTD back when I posted about my Lynnderella order.  But I liked the way it looked so much on the nail wheel, that I decided to use it as the base color on my nails as well, rather than picking out something else.  This was one coat of Connect The Dots over three coats of Zoya Lolly and then a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Zoya Lolly ends up looking darker than the bottle color once you add top coat.  If you leave it matte, it does more or less look just like the bottle color.  Even with the Zoya matte polishes coming in the frosted glass bottles, it's a pretty close match to the bottle color without top coat.

I've read on some blogs that a few people had trouble applying Connect The Dots and getting the glitter to distribute evenly.  With the first brush stroke, I did seem to get mostly clear polish and just the small micro glitter.  But what seemed to work well for me was that I would wait a second or two after the first brush stroke and that made the polish just a bit tacky.  When I went in with the second brush stroke, that helped make the bigger glitter stick.  I also would try to lay the brush as flat as possible during the brush stroke and that seemed to make all the black and white glitter transfer from the brush to the nail in one big blob of glitter glory.  Then with one or two more regular brush strokes, the glitter would spread out perfectly.  Hopefully that's not totally confusing.  It's hard to put into words exactly what I mean.

I love this polish!  It's as great as I imagined it would be when I first saw it online and I'm glad I bought two bottles.  I'm a little sad to be taking it off but I've got something equally awesome coming up.

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