Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Over The Rainbow

Remember a few months ago, I mentioned that I had a bunch of manicure pictures to post that I had taken when I was on sort of a blogging hiatus?  Ya, well I still have them and these aren't them, lol.  But this is another manicure that I ended up skipping over because of everything going on with the blogiversary, giveaway and my Valentine manicures.  I'll get to the other pictures eventually, but I couldn't let these pictures sit on my hard drive any longer.  This is another beauty from Amy's Nail Boutique, it's called Over The Rainbow.

How awesome is that?!  Over The Rainbow is a white base with rainbow colored hex glitters, black and blue star glitters and red micro-glitter.  I think the red micro-glitter was the perfect touch by Amy to pull everything together in the creamy white base.  

I discovered that Over The Rainbow definitely would have been opaque on its own with probably just two coats.  But I did start out with a base of Wet N Wild French White Creme just in case, since this was the first time I had worn Over The Rainbow.  It applied so smoothly for me.  With the first coat, a small amount of glitter spread out on each nail and with the second coat, the glitter distributed and built up perfectly.  I didn't have any major issues with the star glitters either.  A couple times actually, I had a few too many stars and had to use an extra brush stroke or two to spread them apart from each other or to wipe a couple extra stars off the nail.

I can't wait to wear this polish again.  There's a lot of white based glitter polishes out there these days, but this is easily my favorite of them all.


  1. LOVE! Amy makes great polishes. I don't know why I've been sleeping on this one =/ TIME TO GET! Great swatches!

    1. Pull the trigger and buy it! LOL! I wanted it from the second Amy first posted swatches on Facebook and it's even better in person.



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