Sunday, June 16, 2013

Liquid Lacquer The Rain Song and Collide Into You

I have got two more polishes to show you out of the blogger package, which I purchased last month from Liquid Lacquer.  I've grouped these two together because both polishes are great teal/turquoise shades.  The Rain Song is beautiful teal holo shimmer polish and Collide Into You is a teal jelly with pink and gold circle glitters and gold micro glitter scattered throughout.

First up, let's take a closer look at some pics of The Rain Song.  All pictures show 3 coats.  I think most people would be satisfied after just 2 coats, but I just can't seem to resist adding a 3rd coat when it comes to, well, practically every polish I ever wear.

Application was a breeze and the polish seemed to dry super fast.  The holo is a bit subtle but it's a gorgeous shade of teal with what is really just the perfect amount of holo shimmer.  Even though it's not an in-your-face kind of holo, I still found myself constantly admiring the color on my nails.

Next up is Collide Into You, which seems, to me anyway, to be one of the most popular Liquid Lacquer shades around.  And looking at the following shots, I think you can understand why.

This was 3 coats as well, but like with The Rain Song, I think most people would be happy with just 2 coats.  Application of Collide Into You was super smooth.  I had such an easy time with getting the glitter to apply evenly.  There were even a few times where I had a little too much glitter on the brush and just used an extra brush stroke to sweep off a little excess.

One more shade from the blogger package to go!  Be sure to check out Liquid Lacquer's shop to view all of the polishes currently available.



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