Sunday, May 5, 2013

Born Pretty Glitter Powder

Today I have another glitter review for you from Born Pretty Store.  This time it is a super fine loose glitter that is a fairly new add to the Born Pretty Store lineup.  It was added to their site only about a month and a half ago.  It was hard to decide which color to pick, but I chose #9 to sample, a blue/teal metallic color.  Shortly after I received the glitter from Born Pretty for review, I also received the bottle of OPI Taylor Blue that I had ordered online.  By chance, I placed the bottle of polish out on the table next to the glitter and realized they were a perfect match!

I decided to keep it simple and created a design similar to a manicure I had included in my very first post, where I used Holly and Rina from Zoya's Gems & Jewels collection, and applied the glitter to half the nail diagonally.

Since this was a loose glitter rather than a glitter polish, application was a bit different than my Zoya mani.  After 2 coats of Taylor Blue dried completely, I taped off my nails diagonally with scotch tape.  Then, one nail at a time, I applied a coat of Taylor Blue and poured the glitter onto to the wet polish, shook off the excess over a paper plate and then lightly patted the glitter left on my nails to make sure it stuck well and peeled off the tape.  I top coated my right hand first and noticed a few glitters were finding their way onto the brush and then getting deposited onto the top half of my nail where I didn't want any glitter.  For my left hand, I applied a thin layer of top coat diagonally over the plain polish part of my nails, then the same to the glitter half.  Once that dried, I was able to apply a second layer of top coat normally, without picking up any stray glitters.

The glitter has a very fine texture to it.  I think there are a lot of possibilities to be had with this type of glitter because of how tiny the particles are.  It also made for super easy removal.  I was actually kind of shocked how easy the glitter came off when it was time to change my manicure.  The plastic bottle has a rubber top with a small capped opening.  This work wells to poor out the glitter in a more controlled manner.  It did occasionally get clogged but a quick tip of the bottle cleared that up.  And the entire rubber topper can also be carefully removed to poor out more glitter at once or to be able to pour any excess glitter back into the bottle for use later.

There are 12 colors in total to choose from.  You can get one color for $4.19, or there is an option to buy all 12 colors for $37.19.  To read more about the glitter, visit the product page here.  I can definitely see myself ordering some of the other colors available to experiment with.  Don't forget, use the coupon code, JYL91, to get 10% off your Born Pretty Store order.

OPI Taylor Blue is a collaboration between OPI and the Taylor's Gift Foundation to promote organ donations.  To learn more, visit

*Glitters sent for honest review.  Review contains only my personal opinion.*



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