Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hauls: Essie and Whimsical Ideas by Pam

Back when I was deciding on what to do for the glitter sandwich part of the April Showers Bring May Flowers Challenge, one of the things I kept thinking about was this absolutely beautiful manicure I had seen on The Posh Polish.  Even though I ended up not doing something similar to Jamie's mani for the challenge, I had to go out to get Essie Marshmallow because I knew that one day soon, I would be using Marshmallow in a glitter sandwich.  So somehow an innocent trip to Target, to pick up some needed supplies and look to see if they carried Marshmallow, resulted in me coming home with 5 Essie bottles.  Target had Marshmallow in with their everyday Essie display, so I grabbed a bottle of that.  They also had a special display with the Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection.  I had seen this collection for quite a while at other stores but kept talking myself out of it.  I must have had a weak moment while at Target though because I ended up buying four out of the six colors.  So besides Essie Marshmallow, I came home that day with A Crewed Interest, Navigate Her, Ole Caliente and Orange, It's Obvious.

Essie Marshmallow in front.  Then (L-R) Essie A Crewed Interest,
Orange, It's Obvious, Ole Caliente and Navigate Her.

The other part of my haul post is from my purchase from Whimsical Idea by Pam.  I had seen a number of Pam's polishes on other blogs and I just couldn't resist any longer.  I sent her an email late one night to let her know what colors I wanted to order and by the morning I had an invoice from her.  Within a day of sending my PayPal payment, I had another email with tracking and two days after it shipped, my order had arrived and I was completely giddy over them all!  I decided on four of Pam's polishes: Hatched, Kismet's Pajamas, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Seuss.

Other than nail polish, I've not one to be very girly-girl, but if you'll indulge me this one time...aren't these just the cutest bottles ever!!!  I seriously love the little bows on the caps and the pretty handwriting on the bottle labels.  Here are a few shots I took of my new prize possessions as I was opening the package up.

I love the little "thank you" card she put in with the order and, even though I was already familiar with the foil method, I also love the card she included with instructions for removing her glitter polishes.  I think that's a very sweet touch.  And here is the best picture of them all, a shot of the back of the bottles with a view of all that glittery goodness!

Hatched, Kismet's Pajamas, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Seuss

Ordering from Pam is a little unconventional compared to other indy polish brands, but it's super easy!  You can visit her Facebook page to view pictures of all of her polishes.  Once you decide what you want, you just have to email her your order to pea422000@yahoo.com.  Don't forget your shipping information!  You should get an invoice back within a few days with your total and PayPal instructions.  If you use a different email address for your PayPal account than the one you used to email in your order, make sure to let her know so that she can properly match up your payment to the order you placed.


  1. Seuss looks fabulous :) I definitely would love to see swatches! They're all very pretty glitters!

    1. I've worn Peanut Butter and Jelly so far. Had it on this past weekend and I already have pictures ready, just need to type up the post. :)



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